Very young violin student

Music for Babies & Parents (0 to 4 years)

Dance with your darling, sing with
your sweetheart!

Music in early childhood creates a foundation upon which future music learning is built. Early interaction with music positively affects the quality of children's lives.


The North York Suzuki School of Music offers Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE), the realization of potential through active and reactive participation in the environment.  The environment is defined as all that surrounds a child both before and after birth.


Classes consist of singing songs, saying nursery rhythms and playing with musical elements like rhythm and pitch.  These activities are designed to develop social skills, self-regulation, motor, counting and vocabulary skills, careful listening and sequencing, parent child relationshop and musical skills..


This class prepares children for instrumental lessons in the future by focusing on concepts of rhythms, beat, pitch and tempo. As well, the routine of regular classes helps get the children ready for formal schooling.


Parents need not have a musical background, just the desire to make music an important and joyful part of their home environment. One way to do this is to use these songs and games at home so that music becomes a part of the child's daily experience of warm family time.


Classes meet for 1 hour on a weekly basis for a specified term. New students may join up to mid term assuming space is available.


If you have any questions, please contact us.