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Our Suzuki Community

Our Suzuki Community consists of the teachers, students and
parents in our school, however, we also participate in special events
from time to time with the Greater Toronto Suzuki Community.

The students in our school participate in both individual and group lessons.


Individual (or private) lessons consist of teacher, parent and child. This is the Suzuki Triangle. However, since observations are part of the prerequisite prior to starting, there may be instances where there is another family in the room. Also, if schedules permit, teachers try to schedule lessons so that students of similar level are back to back, thereby allowing the other family to observe. Observing another student is a great augmentation to the learning process.


Group lessons are integral to the program.


Piano students participate in either Kodaly or Music Enrichment classes. The Kodaly or Music Enrichment classes focus on the same basics of music literacy. The difference is in the approach and day of groups.   Once a student is are comfortable on the instrument, and is of a certain age or level, they progress to Theory, Sightreading and Duet groups.


Violin students participate in both repertoire and theory groups.  Advanced students participate in chamber groups when numbers allow.  Cello and Guitar students have repertoire groups.


Group classes are usually on different days than the individual lesson. There are a few who have been able to obtain group and individual lessons back to back, but as you can imagine, this opportunity is limited. Many families prefer different days so as not to overtire a young child.


Parental Involvement

Parental attendance is required at the individual lesson. Young children require the parents' assistance to notate important facts, such as the focus of the week's practice, performance pieces, etc. Parents are not necessarily at the group lessons. Some teachers feel the students can better focus in the group when unaccompanied. If this is the case, then the teacher will have a special open class which invites parents to attend. Parents are usually welcome to attend the group, however, most do not. Group sizes can vary from 4-15.


Piano students have a total of 30 groups in the 36 week school year. String students have a total of 24-34 groups in the 35 or 36 week school year.


Student will also have 3-6 recital/concert opportunities. Each teacher offers 2-3 studio recitals which take place at the school. There are also December and June concerts that take place at another venue. The string students perform at these two events in their group formats. Students also participate in annual workshops.